Wakefield Report Episode 62

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9 News Nuggets You Need to Know


Story 1: No 3rd Gate

Story 2: Bands, Brew, and Larry the Cable Guy

Story 3: Sweet Sapphire

Story 4: Building an Empire

Story 5: The Great Coaster Debate

Story 6: If I Had a Billion Dollars

Story 7: Hong Kong Hong Kong

Story 8: What’s In a Name?

Story 9: Up All Night with Wakefield

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Here is the video from my last 24 hour event at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 2013

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Wakefield Report Episode 59

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9 News Nuggets You Need to Know

Story 1: Frozen Boats

Story 2: Blue People Are Invading

Story 3: Race With the King

Story 4: No Smoking

 Story 5: New D23 Guy

Story 6: New Hollywood

 Story 7: Hillybill and the Billhillys

Story 8: The Polls Show……

Story 9: I Am So Done with Flackbish


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