Wakefield Report Podcast Episode 54

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Nine News Nuggets You Need to Know

Story 1: Bad News for Paris

Story 2: Come on, Get Grumpy

Story 3: Potters Opening Soon

Story 4: Knotts Welcomes Veterans

Story 5: Frozen in Disneyland

Story 6: So Close

Story 7: Jingle Cruise Looks Terrible

Story 8: Stop That Ship!

Story 9: Hunger Park


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One Comment on “Wakefield Report Podcast Episode 54”

  1. I actually like the show your Disney side campaign. It’s encourages people to share via social media how they show their Disney fandom, it could be as simple as showing their Disney clothing or a decorated home/cubical and apparently go as far as to showing the fun they have in the parks. It’s pretty brilliant from a marketing perspective and people can have fun with it.

    It’s silly and pointless but I also giggle at grumpy cat at Disneyland.

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