Wakefield Report Episode 56

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9 News Nuggets You Need to Know

Story 1: Your card

Story 2: River of Bird Poo

Story 3: Nelson Gets Blackfished

Story 4: SeaGirl

Story 5: No Shamu for You

Story 6: Magic Plane

Story 7: Another Disney Lawsuit

Story 8: Touring with Holmes

Story 9: Save This House

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2 Comments on “Wakefield Report Episode 56”

  1. Hey Chris,

    To answer your “River of Poo” question, it isn’t a big issue at all. They already have this attraction at Discovery Cove, and first and foremost, all these birds have been through quarantine and are healthy animals.

    Second, birds poo in pools and water parks all over Florida.

    Third, honestly it is a lazy river so water is moving and is filtered often. It is really a moot point.

    Fourth, the only times the birds would “poo” in the river is when they are free flight flying over the river, which will be rare overall.

    I hope this helps!

    Host Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast

    • wakefieldreport says:

      It’s not that big of a deal until a Macaw drops a deuce on my head or in my Moquito as I float down the river.

      Birds poo i pools all over Orlando water parks?! We need to explore this more. This is a stunning revelation!

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