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Nine News Nuggets You Need to Know

Story  1: We have a screamer!

Story 9: I was born on a pirate ship!

Music Notes You Need to Know: Click for download links   

Opening Theme: Keane: Is It Any Wonder

Nine News Nuggets Theme Theme: Lily Allen: Take What you Take

Story 1 Bump: Barenaked Ladies: Who Needs Sleep 

Story 2 Bump: Coldplay: Fix You

Story 3 Bump: Shania Twain: Up! 

Story 4 Bump: One Republic: Good Life

Story 5 Bump: Dave Matthews Band: What Would You Say 

Story 6 Bump: David Gray: Money (Thats What I Want)

Story 7 Bump: Dave Matthews Band: Ants Marching 

Story 8 Bump: Harry Potter Theme

Story 9 Bump: Cast: Fish Are Friends

End Theme: Framing Hanley: Lollipop 

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