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Nine News Nuggets You Need to Know!

Story 1: Dr. Seuss the Smurf Hunter

Story 2: 50 Years: Same Whale

Story 3: Vader kills Kermit

Story 4: Limited Time Testing Magic

Story 5: Would you like some lava on your burger?

Story 6: Get Ready to Scream!

Story 7: Be Patriotic and Spend Money!

Story 8: Starbucks 101

Story 9: Freaking Falcon Fury!

Music Notes You Need to Know: Click for download links

Opening Theme: Keane: Is It Any Wonder

Nine News Nuggets Theme Theme: Lily Allen: Take What you Take

Story 1 Bump: The Smurfs: Smurfs Theme

Story 2 Bump: Michael Jackson: Will You Be There

Story 3 Bump: Muppets: Moving Right Along

Story 4 Bump: Police: Everything She Does is Magic

Story 5 Bump: The Academy Is…: Big Mess on Our Hands

Story 6 Bump: Danny Elfman: Tales From the Crypt Theme

Story 7 Bump: Tom Petty: American Girl

Story 8 Bump: Sting: Brand New Day

Story 9 Bump: Tom Petty: Learning to Fly

End Theme: Framing Hanley: Lollipop

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