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Story 1 Sea World Steals Kisses: Last week Sea World CEO told Bloomberg news that the theme park company would  be putting a stop to their captive killer whales  “kissing and dancing”. The move is yet another in a slew to rehab the image of the company. Sea World says that they will no longer have their trainers prompt the animals to display these behaviors in an effort to show their guests more natural behaviors the animals display in the wild.

Story 2 Sea World Takes Another Hit: Speaking of Sea World, they recently announced their 2016 Q1 numbers and the results are not good. The company reported Q1 losses of $46.9 million, compared to a 2015 Q1 loss of $43.5 million. The hole continues to get deeper as Sea World continues to try to turn their record around and things do not seem to be looking up as they face stiff competition in the Orlando market from Disney and Universal.

Story 3 Teach Me How to Disney: Disney partner hotels in Disney Springs in Orlando are offering special teacher appreciation rates to teachers from now to the end  of September. All partner hotels in the Disney Springs area are participating and the rates seem to be very attractive.

Story 4 Stick to Photo Pass: It never fails. Theme park fans continue to give themselves a bad name. Recently, California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim came to a screeching halt as the ride was shut down when cast members saw a guests pull out a selfie stick, mid ride, to take a picture. Disney has a strict no selfie stick policy on all of their attractions, as they can cause serious safety issues. Apparently, the numerous signs that are plastered all of the park weren’t enough for this guest to get the point.

Story 5 Vexatious Litigant: With the summer season upon us, that also means that it is time for frivolous theme park lawsuits. Two New Jersey guests to Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure have filed suit for an incident they say happened two years ago. According to the suit, the guests claim to have been stuck upside down on Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey for almost an hour. Despite the fact that the attraction never goes upside down, this suit seems to be a major reach and I doubt anything serious will come of it.

Story 6 Shanghai Mess: No. Not the theme park running hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. Not that mess, but this week’s Shanghai Disneyland news is about how recent guests to the park have seemed to have  absolutely trashed the common areas of the park. Before it is even officially open, pictures have come flooding in of Chinese guests throwing trash everywhere, trampling carefully placed greenery, and even pooping on the grass, right in the middle of the park! I am not sure if this is common behavior in China, but needless to say, it is quite upsetting to see the park go down this path before it even opens.

Story 7 Guardians of the Tower: As we recently learned on MiceAge, we can all but confirm that the Tower of Terror in Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim will get a Guardians of the Galaxy overlay. The changes, many of which are reported to have already been put in place, are set to take place this fall, and the attraction would reopen in 2017 in time for the new Guardians of the Galaxy film. This seems to be a controversial move as many people are taking a “hands off my tower” approach.

Story 8 Les’ Be Honest: There is a social media campaign to give Frozen Princess Elsa a girlfriend for the upcoming Frozen 2 film. Many gay rights activist think that the time is right for someone in the LGBTQ community to be  represented in a positive light in a Disney film. The campaign is unlikely to make any significant changes to the upcoming film, but organizers want to make a statement.

Story 9 #TeamBenjamins: Captain America: Civil War is making a LOT of money. The movie is awesome, and it’s going to continue to make a lot more money in the coming weeks…

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